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Thread: Standalone 9.2 installation

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    ok finally have the dev and web client working on my laptop - last issue was to do with permissions to certain data and spec files ; stopped all E1local services ; granted permission to all files in E1 data and spec folders ; and restarted the services. and Voila! finally it works just as I want - thnx to folks in here, oracle community and oracle support --- phew! that was one bit of work the last 2 weeks plus. thanks all.

    - E1 9.0 ,TR , SQL 2008 R2 , IE 11
    - have worked on B7322, XE Release B7333, B7334 (as400/sql 2005 Win 2003); E1 8.12(Oracle 10g OAS

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    Hello group

    I have installed 9.2 JDE Standalone and run with no problem except sporadic I get WEB CLIENT EXCEPTION saying that problem with the server while running the business function xxxxxxxx for every applications. Logs does not say too much and this could be firewall setting or virus scanning aside that everything is great. Love the look and feel!

    Here are the steps and little information about that and might help anyone who wants to install 9.2 standalone.

    Windows 10 64 bit OS.

    Document used:
    Doc ID 2062240.1

    Setup files
    Once you extract all the 4 files in Disk1 folder as recommended in Standalone Installation Guide, if you find the E1Local CAB files ( total 20 files, form E1Local12c.CAB to E1Local12c20.CAB) under Disk1 folder.
    Move all these 20 CAB files manually for E1Local from Disk1 folder to Disk1\ThirdParty\ORACLE before you launch the Database install for Standalone.

    1.Install required Visual Studio Runtime Libraries if not already present Install 2010 and then 2013.
    2.Install 32-bit JDK - Use the Windows x86 installer for JDK to install 32-bit version
    Installed both JDK and run time 32bit 7.1.76
    3.Install supported version of Web logic Application Server
    Downloaded 64 bit as 32 bit was not available at edelivery. Install from JDK location C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_76\bin folder
    4.Install Oracle Enterprise Edition (OEE) 12c Database using InstallManager.exe
    I was getting OEE cab file not found error in this step so I did install 32-bit client first which is step 5 below. I assume Oracle need to fix into their documentation for the steps.
    5.Install Oracle Database 12c 32-bit Client
    6.Copy the tnsnames.ora from the path <install directory>\client to <32-bit Oracle Client Install Dir>\network\admin
    7.Install the Standalone client.

    During installation, I created e1dbuser as recommended.
    Installed database engine to new folder.


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    Need a JDE Solution Architect or Program Manager
    Solution Architect experience is mandatory
    Should have experience with JDE Infrastructure / Administration

    Location: Florida
    Duration: 1+ yrs
    Rate: Open/HR

    Mohammed Mujaheed | Sr. Resource Analyst
    Negocios IT Solutions (P) LTD
    Direct: 307 203 (1146)
    A: 690 S Highway 89, Suite 200. Jackson, WY 83002
    W: E:

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