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Thread: Purchase Orders

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    Purchase Orders


    Sorry thought i had already posted this question but cant see it anywhere?

    We are running JDE Enterprise One.
    When raising a purchase order we have two type commonly used
    OP - Purchase Order
    OJ - Purchase Order non stock

    OP purchase orders require a valid stock item part number to be used, which in turn defaults to the standard stock GL code,
    OJ orders are basically free text orders however require the GL account number to be entered in the field, defined below
    Item Help

    Account Number - Input (Mode Unknown) (ANI)

    A field that identifies an account in the general ledger. You can use one of the following formats for account numbers:

    o Standard account number

    o Third G/L number

    o 8-digit short account ID number

    o Speed code

    The first character of the account indicates the format of the account number. You define the account format in the General Accounting Constants program .

    I would like to use a standard purchase order OP type but also include a non stock line on the same order, this could facilitate things such as one off set up charges or freight costs that you want to include on orders, is there any way this can be done in JDE?


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    Re: Purchase Orders

    Sounds like you are looking to make use of the landed costs functions with in JD Edwards. Landed costs functions to automatically add additional fees to an items cost. The reason one would want to add Landed Costs to an item is to
    account for expected charges associated with the delivery or handling of an order, such as Harbor Fees, Brokerage Fees, Commissions, Import
    Duties, etc. Landed costs are costs that exceed the purchase price of an item. Landed costs are additional fees incurred to deliver an INDIVIDUAL ITEM into inventory. Landed costs CANNOT be applied to the total cost of a purchase order. Also, landed costs are NOT taxable. Please review the attached document to see if landed costs will help you
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    Re: Purchase Orders

    We do it all the time. We use a Line Type N with a different GL offset.

    Look at Order Line Types - that is where you set it up
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stats View Post
    We do it all the time. We use a Line Type N with a different GL offset.

    Look at Order Line Types - that is where you set it up
    Same here. Works like a charm. Hope it works for you as well.
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    Us too. The F Stocking type is also designed for Freight and % for Tax - you just need the AAI's set up to do so.

    Alternatively, for ongoing items, we set up a Non-Stock Item with a GL class with the AAI's to the right accounts. Huge time saver if you need to add things like plate charges to orders.

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