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Thread: About Data Selection

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    About Data Selection

    Hi Lists :
    When we run UBE program, may input the conditions in data selection, if input in right operand use "list of values",
    We only input one value one time, whether have any good method that like fast key Ctrl+C(copy), Ctrl+V (paste) can input many values one time.

    Any workaround to improve ? Thanks for any inputs.
    WJH, E8.10

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    Re: About Data Selection

    There is none.

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    Re: About Data Selection

    I dont think buddy, but this is really a good query.

    We have to look for this solution...hey guys, if any body has any idea then let us confirm or give us some idea, so we can share it...

    I think this is something new question which is raised in the list.

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    Still no solution for this after a decade!

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    There's a couple solutions but they're not from Oracle.

    Follow this JDEList thread for 2 ways to do this
    (I prefer the safe (non-chrome extension) method using sendkeys).
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    The Sendkeys solution works great, as long as you change "Clipbo ard" to "Clipboard".
    Thanks for the link!

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