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Thread: JDE Decimal value

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    Re: RE: JDE Decimal value

    The Data Dictionary that defines the decimal values is in F9201. ALL JDE programs have sections that do the Data Dictionary retrieval of information for proper presentation so obviously you haven't looked at any of them.
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    Re: RE: JDE Decimal value

    Ouch, details please!!!!!!!

    If you give us the SQL statement as an example & your ODBC connection
    string (without system name, user id, password).
    I am sure someone could provide better help. Although I think the question
    would probably be better for OneWorld group

    The data dictionary (DD for short). The table name is F9201, the library
    may not be the same as the data library.
    Without knowledge of the DD how do you know what field names (columns to
    you SQL people) mean.

    Another thing you need to know is that JDE uses a 2 character prefix for
    all there field names. I am 99% sure that all field names are 6 characters
    of less in length. So the DD only has position (3~6) ie IMITM, IMLITM,
    IMCRDJ would be ITM, LITM, CRDJ in the DD

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