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Thread: Order hours status (P31121)

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    Order hours status (P31121)

    Hi List,

    Does anyone know the effect of entering values in this program?

    We have a work order with 3 routing steps, we have set up rates for these work centers. When we enter hours via P31121 we expect to see a journal entry when running R31802. However we see only the IM for the components issued. (we have no completions yet, just booked the hours).
    We are on XE.

    Thank you.


    Andre Jille

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    Re: Order hours status (P31121)

    Appears this is a manual process/ entering actual hours instead of back flush/superbackflush. Regardless, the entering of actual hours are put into a file first that should be validated. Theory being all the actual hours are reviewed and validated first. THEN... you must use "UPDATE"
    either thru the EXIT Bar or run in in Batch R31422 Update Hours and Quantities. There is a proof and final version here usually so you (user) can more readily validate the actual hours for say daily transactions.

    On the screen display Hours and Quantities... AFTER you update, you will no longer see the Hours on screen as they have been "posted". Then run R31802 and you should see your labour transactions.

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    Re: Order hours status (P31121)

    I do not believe this program is meant to be used by Manufacturing. The other Poster is mistaken. You are using "Order Hours Status" P31121 NOT "Hours and Quantities" P311221 therefore running the R31422 has no effect.

    Entering Actual Hours into P31121 actualy writes those Hours directly to the F3112 Table. The P311221 writes the Hours "Unposted" to F31122 WO Time Transactions Table. From there running "Update" R31422 Post the R31122 To the F3112.

    The direct entry into P31121 gets around that Posting step by writing the values directly. The Problem is not that the hours are missing from F3112 it is that the Unnaccounted Units are NOT set by P31121. I don't know what the full intent of this program is but it looks more useful for Equipment WO's and such like. You can enter Actual Hours and directly manipulate F3112 but this is not compatible with R31802 Manufacturingt Accounting that requires Unaccounted units to be set in F4801, F3111 and F3112.

    Check your CTS1 thru CTS6 values in UTB for your WO in F3112. If these are zero then your R31802 won't account for anything. Hence you need to use P311221 as the other Poster has advised. Do NOT use P31121 if you wish to use Manufacturing Accounting. In fact, secure it out as I have done with previous Manufacturing clients.
    Mark Brown
    Krofire Enterprises Ltd

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    RE: Order hours status (P31121)

    Thank you.

    I discovered that CTS fields are not populated by this program, thus R318 02 gives no entries. P31121 has indeed no use, except for some inquiries.

    Kind regards

    Andr=C3=A9 Jille


    Andre Jille

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    I know this is an old thread, and I apologize for digging it up. I am actually trying to get actuals to post to the F4801 FOR equipment work orders (WM), but NOT to the F0911. Right now we have no way to compare actuals to estimates. I've tried entering actuals through P31121 and P311221 and just can't seem to get anywhere. It appears as though all versions of R31422 and R31802A are configured for manufacturing work orders. Can anyone tell me if equipment work orders are typically run through these UBE's? I've been working with manufacturing work orders for some time now, but just started diving into maintenance/equipment work orders, and am really at a loss right now.

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    If you have access to the Oracle support site then please refer to Doc ID 626110.1 for CAM WO time entry.


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