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Thread: OneWorld Xe Installation

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    Re: OneWorld Xe Installation

    I have rerun my custom installtion plan and i got back my DEP7333 as well as Py and PD Business and central objects. And I am able to do all the jobs mentioned earlier except for one "Submitting JOBs on Server" it gets stuck at Processing. In the client jde.log I get KTN0000119 ( problem with the printer. But then againg its configured. I have now realized that I OCM is messed up can somebody help me on that.

    Thanks for your tips.
    At the end I am concerned I taken my existing out of trouble a number of times inspite of my in-experience single handedly.
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    Re: OneWorld Xe Installation

    No - you were ok - I wasn't offended, but I just wanted to ensure that readers understood it wasn't projects that I worked on that ended up like that !

    Thankyou for the compliments !

    To comment back to Jeremy - I noted that you eventually brought in a "top IBM consultant" just prior to go live, even though much of the work was done yourself. I think that is what I was alluding to - the fact that you had a CNC specialist start you on the right track, then during CRP you "took over" some of the CNC responsibilities, and then just prior to go-live you brought in a CNC consultant.

    I agree that this type of project management could work. My issue is that SunnyInd - and so many others - start off trying to perform the install and configuration without any knowledge up front.

    Would you have a CNC guy like me come in and set up your Payroll system ? I could certainly help run the payroll system once its all configured - and probably would learn a lot on the job, but to set up all of the tax codes and payroll settings so its right the first time ? I don't think so !

    All implementations need to bring in a consultant at the beginning of the project to help them through to their CRP - during the CRP, its perfectly normal to not use that CNC consultant, or perhaps to use them on a remote basis - but prior to go live, ensure you can get them back to perform the stress-test and technical audit as well as all the support for data conversion/user administration and security configuration.

    Just my two cents...we have a hard enough time as it is...!
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    Jon has a point. I wouldn't mix the process up as long as there is a streamline methodology that has proven to be functional.
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    This might be a JDEList record - Necro'ing a 15 year old thread.

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