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Zebra printing



We just went live with jde last december but we have an issue regarding a Zebra printer JDE doesnot print directly on the printer.
Printimmidiate is True, the printer receives data but doesnot recognise it. We tried to put the Zebra as a line printer and print zpl coding from a jde report but nothing came out.

Does anyone have a clue on how to solve this without the use of third party software?

We Also looked at the way JDE prints it appears that they send some sort of filter with the print called JDE PCL or
JDE PS does anyone have tried to build their own filter?

Thanks for any input.


Sander Lonnee


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We use Zebra printers. We use them to complete work orders . For each pallet completion there is a sticker coming out of the zebra printer. (appr 800 a day)

We had exactly the same problem as you have. Print immediately is on, the printer receives data but nothing comes out. If you view the pdf and than print through the windows driver it will come out perfectly.

But this is also what we didn't want to have. we wanted that the sticker came out the printer without user interference. After a lot of questioning and searching nobody could give me a good answer.
What i did was calling a local reseller of the Zebra printers and asked them about the zpl code. This wasn't very difficult, so i made a modification on the move tag ( or any other report) to create a flat file whith a sting of zpl data in it. And when the string is written i used the bussiness function "deleteorcopyflatfile" to copy the file to the printer share. This is working perfectly. I can even put the the printer in the printer per user table and print to the printer on the site i want.


Xe XU7 SP20
win 2000 sql7.0 citrix metafram 1.8


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Hello Rival,
I was intrigued by your reply about using a flat file which contains ZPL Code. Then you use BSFN B4700230 to copy your file to the printer share. Can you elaborate a bit more about how you print the label. Is it a spoolfile that is picked up automatically by the Zebra printer and then cleared ? Or is the flat file written to a separate spoolfile ? Do you use this set-up for a lot of programs ? Thanks in advance.
PS. I know this topic might be more suitable for the developers forum but I just replied to the original thread.


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Hi Rival

I am trying to work on a similar issue, my question is after copying the file to printer share how does the file gets picked up by the zebra printer? Appreciate your input.

Thank you


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Hi JanWS

Were you able to resolve your issue. Did the text file to the print share folder worked and if yes how does the data get printed automatically to the zebra printer