Zebra or Thermal label creation via JDE


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Has anyone done any successful label creation via JDE using Zebra printers? If so can you help out with keeping JDE from truncating the data stream we're attempting to send.


AS400 730-2068 8-way V4R4 JDE b7332 / sp11.3


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Hi Allison,

About a year ago, I created the UBE for a label print program for a client I was working at the time. I can't recall the exact ER, but what I do remember, was that it was of the utmost importance to include the correct character expressions for size, font and opening anc closing commands into the variables (as per the manual of the zebra printer).
This required quite a long sequence of concatenations. In the end though the UBE worked perfectly and all label output was correct.

If required I may be able to get you a contact name at this site or a sample of the ER.


Sef van den Nieuwelaar
B732 on NT, XE on NT, B732/A73 on AS400, B733 on NT


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Hi Sef,

And thanks for the input. It appears our developer on this project has made
a break through and is beginning to produce reasonable label output.
However, I hope I can reserve the offer for your contact or sample should
things take a turn for the worse. Thanks again.