Z-File Foreign Table Environments


When specifying the foreign table in a development environment, how do you promote to a different environment (i.e. system test or production) without having to specify the new environment for that foreign table?


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Good question; unfortunately there's no positive answer in B732x :(
You HAVE to specify the new environment; but it is not THAT difficult! I used the Properties Output Environment tab and, lucky me, the ER did not vanish away.
Wish you same luck,

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Hi jpenner,

You have forgotten to describe your system.
Adrian mentioned that there is no way under B732, I can extend it that the situation is the same for B733x.

You have to create as much Foreign environment as much Path Code do you want to use (one environment for each path code).

After that you have two choices:

1.) Mark the "Force Version To Override Input Environment" check-box on the "Select Environments" tab of the Table Conversion Properties window.

2.) Create new versions in all environments and override the Input Environment as it is appropriate.

Sorry, I do not know other way.


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