You are never going to believe this!!!!!!!


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When writing a custom report I called a custom section and like a good boy I ticked the box "Conditional" for the custom section.

Ah ha when I did my testing the section did not execute properly so I thought "You fool, you fool!! You forgot to tick the box!" I went back in and yes I had!!!!! "Grrrrr" said I. "What could this be!!!!!"

Being of a temperament not to desist from the hunt I had an idea. "Now let me read the descriptions of those advanced tabs" I muttered to myself so for the tick box called "Conditional" I have the following description;

"Causes the page to break after the report header, the group section, or the column section (in a columnar or tabular section) prints. This property is exclusive of the Reprint at Page Break property.

And for the Tick box marked "Page break after" I have;

"Identifies the section to execute outside of the normal sequence. The section is executed only when it is explicitly called from the Do Custom Section system function.

And lo and behold when I ticked the box marked page break after the little C appeared in the section description and the report functioned as it should!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a gotcha warning does anyone else have this? I think that they don't want me to succeed JDE should look for SAP spies in their midst sabotaging everything. I am getting really fed up with this!!

I have proof and witnesses which can be obtained if you send me an email address (that's the proof not the witnesses as they are to large to email)

We also have this problem;

When using Terminal server Windows 2000 sometimes when someone ends their Terminal server session (not just ending oneworld) 1 CPU locks up and is no longer visible to W2K (The system does not even see the processor) we have applied SP2 to W2K and no citrix is installed. The machine must have a hard reset to recover.

It is not hardware as we have installed it on two servers and they are both the same.

Any ideas, subsystem jobs?


Adrian Jackson

W2K TS Multi Processor, NT Deployment server

Xe SP15 Update1 applied AS400 V4R4 DB2, World A73 Cum 11 00X2


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Been there, Done that!!!

I found the same issue myself last week and rang the helpdesk about it. The problem is specific to SP15.1, which I see you are on. I am told it will be fixed in SP16...