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Dear List,

We went live last year and went through the 1999 year-end closing. However,
we are working out a check-list and need to ensure no jobs are missed and
the timing of those jobs, meaning 'AR year-end' before first sales update or
do we need to freeze any transactions until all jobs are completed.

We actually discovered that we ran the AR year-end at the wrong-timing as
our last year's sales figures took up a portion of this year's amt. We
specifically checked with our implementing consultant and they confirmed
that there are no year-end jobs and it will roll-over automatically. We
would like to update info appropriately despite whether we use it today or
in future.

Inventory module does not keep a month-end balance and we have been trying
to rush out all inventory closing balance reports soonest before any ship
confirmation or even recipt/transfer/issue can take place. This would mean
no on-line stock balance for a couple of days after month-end. Any solution

Any check-list / documentation - internal or JDE's ?

Sook Fun
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Au contraire...the inventory system does keep a month end balance. Run the As of Processing steps and you will have a way to see daily balances as of any date in the past. As of Processing is off the Inventory Periodic Processing menu. Once the Generation program is run, the system will have as-of balances in the F41112 file. Then you can see the balance in the Running Balance version of the Item Ledger (P41112).

Good luck!

Andy Klee