XT4312Z1 calling B4301080 - I can't see in in the XT C++ code



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Hi list,

I wonder if you can help me get my head around something.
I have an issue in that when we partially receive a PO the line ends in error (We'll come back to that)
Works in UT, doesn't work in PD

So I asked CNC for a log of each.

So I have 2 logs that shows BSFN XT4312Z1 (F4312EditLine) calls B4301080 (DuplicatePODetailLine)
Yet when I open up XT4312Z1 in C++ I cannot see the actual call anywhere in the C++

The 2 parms I am interested in are where DuplicatePODetailLine gets szLastStatus and szNextStatus from when it returns to the F4312EditLine.

I'd also like to the see the call to DuplicatePO too, but I'm confused as to why I can't.

Any help would be cool as I'm missing something


Hey John,

Please attach the logs. That will be more insightful.

Use the Visual Studio 'Find in Files' to search for DuplicatePODetailLine in your source folder.

I did that quickly and it looks like it is only called from 2 other functions: B4300830 and XT4312Z2. Double check your logs... there must be another call level(s) between Xt4312Z1 and B4301080.
Use of Oracle's Performance Workbench for parsing logs is really helpful for stuff like this. It can generate a BSFN call stack so you can see exactly what calls a particular BSFN and how.
I can't add the log files, even when zipped.
Not sure if JDEList is in need of some love and attention but the upload window keeps giving me a database error.

Just for clarification, the error is when we partially receive an SD OD PO line
It's trying to set the PO to an invalid NXTR LTTR setting that is does not do in UT

I've managed to see the difference in the 2 BSFN trees and the values used.

The F40203 rules are identical in UT and PD as are the SO line NXTR LTTR etc, yet the error in PD is valid enough. It's the status change values .

In UT it picks up my 220 280 status change line. In PD it licks up my 220 240 status change line.
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Hi, a client of mine had a similar problem..
in the clients case the cause of the error where different PO values for statuses between environments
So just my two cents and one more thing to check since f40203 are identical
you need to check the standard versions of version standard OP the P4310 and P4312


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