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XMLPUBLISHER Large Job Kernel failed


Hi, All

The XMLPUBLISHER Large Job Kernel log has this error:

26881/-143534384MAIN_THREAD Thu Feb 11 11:05:44.133571wrkroute.c562
Start kernel process failed
26881/-143534384MAIN_THREAD Thu Feb 11 11:05:44.134333netqueue.c771
In dispatchKernelQueueMsg: getKernelProcessId return -1
26881/-143534384MAIN_THREAD Thu Feb 11 11:05:44.134737netflow.c896
Dispatch of message failed mId=520, msgHost=, msgPort=6016, sendingHost=, msgType=15904, msgRange=30, reqNet=0, resNet=26881, reqKrnl=25807, resKrnl=0, msgFlags=32896.

UBE RD job completes to Done successfully in WSJ.

How to fix this issue? Please help.


Active Member
What is the status of the job in P95630?
Have you done the required set up in P95645 & create a record for this RD job in P95646


Status in P95630 - XML Publishing Done.
Ok, i set up in P95645:
Server Name Logical Data Source Percentage of Large Job Kernels Percentage of Small Job Kernels Max size for Small Job Kernels in MB
jd1 JD1 30 70 10
And in P95646 create Active Status for Small job. Now runing only XMLPUBLISHER Small job Kernel without Large job and jde.log didn't repeat this message. Thanks!
But, what happens if XMLPUBLISHER Large job Kernel launch?

Sorry for my English!