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XmlCallObject Help

I have an instance of 9.2 standalone client that I am trying to use to test our integration solution. Our integration solution will be accessing data in JDE from javascript. I've read through the Interoperability Guide and it looks like XMLCallObject and XmlList are the easiest solutions to quickly proof something out without a ton of other setup, (though I did setup ServerManager, HtmlServer, and AIS because I though AIS would provide a REST interface to data as opposed to just an automation API).

Following the guidance in the interop, I've configured the JDE.INI with JDENET kernels 6, 16, and 22 as well as added settings for LREngine, XmlLookupInfo, and XTS.

I have not been able to find any information on how to actually send an XML request (e.g. what url to post to, what headers, etc...). MY JDE.ini has listen and connect ports as 6012. I tried posting to localhost:6012 and I get no response. My E1 server listens on 9200 so tried posting to that and I get a 404. My context root in weblogic for the E1Server is jde, so I tried posting to JDE and I get an empty 200 response.

Is it possible to send an XMLCallObject or XMLList request over HTTP to a JDE Standalone Client? If so, how do I determine what the endpoint should be?


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Short answer: no, you need a full JDE instance to run kernels.

Have you looked at the cloud demo instance of JDE as this will give you a full system to play with. Also, with the latest tools, you can use AIS and Orchestrator to access data.
Thanks for the reply. I looked at the JDE trial and it implied that it had no external connectivity since it does not have a development client. I've heard they have a multitier cloud instance that specifically says it supports BSSV, but I can't find any information on it. So I should be able to use BSSV on my standalone instance, right? I saw an article online about enabling business services server on standalone as well as the instructions from Oracle on setting it up with ServerManager, so I would assume so.


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The best integration method for JDE will depend on your requirements. If your method of integrating will be REST and JSON then BSSV is probably not the way to go as it is a SOAP based web services solution.
Is there a reason you don't currently have access to a full JDE environment if you are developing an integration?

If you're not looking at AIS then there are third party products such as ours that provide REST integration options for JDE.


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As per Doc ID 959072.1, BSSV is not supported on standalone. I think some developers have been successful in doing this.
I now have a 9.1 multi tier setup on the Oracle cloud. Can someone point me to a tutorial on how to send an XML request? Specifically, which server (deployment, enterprise, HTML Server) should I send the request to and how do I determine the correct port to send requests to on that server?


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JDE (Oracle) offers very limited information on this. I assume you have access to Oracle Support website, right? - look up interoperability guide, it's a good starting (and probably ending, unfortunately) point. You will need to experiment a lot to figure out the specifics.

BTW, AIS offers comparable functionality in a different and possibly easier way. Oracle told me that XML is here to stay, so AIS is not making XML obsolete, but going forward it may be a better interface anyway.