XML return code values


In the most general terms, what type(s) of error(s) would give the following XML return code? This is from business function call from an external source. We're on Xe SP 24.2.

Return Code 16: jdeXMLResponse receive failed.

Any and all help are appreciated.

For fun, I googled "jdeXMLResponse", which pointed me at the following JDEList thread "DSI/DCLINK jdeXMLResponse receive failed".
That thread discussed thin clients leaking memory and eventually crashing.
Apologies for not having the URL pasted behind the link.

Thanks Gene.

We uncovered that the JDENET Timeout value on the enterprise server was set to 240 while the time out value within DSI was set to 120. This had the effect of DSI disconnecting/severing the XML thread prior to a return from E1/OneWorld.

We have apparently resolved this issue by increasing the time out value within DSI to 240 as well.