XML Publisher output filename not displaying correct in WSJ


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If we click on a job from WSJ for PO Print, it should pull up a hyperlink titled something like "Purchase Order xxxxxx.pdf". Starting today, it is instead showing a hyperlink with the standard attachment naming convention of something like "RD43500_EN_1234_4443.pdf".

This isn't happening in our DV environment, which is on a different foundation. I've tried deleting the .ddb/.xdb files on the enterprise server, but to no avail.

Any idea why this would be happening? Thanks!


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There are settings to override the default RD output name. These settings are by environment. Check if something got wiped out or reset there ? Have a look at Oralce Support doc bellow for more details to see if it helps.

E1: XMLP: How to Work with Custom Report Definition Output File Name and File Path Functionality in Tools Releases and Above (Doc ID 1905525.1)