XML Publisher Error in WSJ (P95630)


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Hi guys,

I have a BI job that has started to no longer work on the server.

A bit of history on this.
Last week my VM took a MS hotfix update which seemed to upset my BI publisher plug in.
I had to reinstall Ms word and also the plug in downloaded from the Oracle website.

Which is the correct version, apart from the 64/32bit option is a mystery to me.

I use Office 2003 64bit on E900, so any advice on the 100% correct plug in would be appreciated.

It is important to note that all was working fine prior to the hotfix and I cannot seem to locate the plug in version I used before.

The only XML related error I can see in the log is

--UBE--[0]-- UBEXML: Error has occurred. Clearing out all sections and adding error message to xml.

Now I suspect that, whilst the template works fine locally in preview mode in MS Word, when the RTF template is used on the server, the XMLP side of things on our system doesn't like my new RTF

So any ideas on what that error might be or which version of the plug in I should be using?




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For future readers

The version of BI publisher that you use on your word plug in, needs to match the correct software on your server

CNC will advise you which one is correct

If you create RTF templates on the wrong version you may introduce features into your template that are not backward compatible