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XML output...an idea whose time has come

Thanks for this forum Eric. Having a conduit (XML) instead of a stop sign (pdf) opens up a world of possibilities for JD Edwards data, especially since the Microsoft Office line uses XML to store and share document data.

Don't know if everyone has seen this...normally, JDE instances have to be on E1 8.12/Tools 8.97 to use the "Phase 2" functionality of XML (BI) Publisher. We have since found baseline ESU JJ15756 that will allow companies on 8.11 SP1 and 8.97 to use XML without having to make the 8.12 Application Release migration. We will take a bite of this apple soon.

Questions? I got a million of 'em...but will stay in my shoes for now, and ask just a few:
Is there anyone who has taken the XML plunge who would mot mind sharing their experiences? How did the UBE output change? If you migrated to XML from the pdf output, were you able to leverage your existing custom UBEs and retrofit to XML use (could still use all UBEs, right?)



We are also looking to use this tool in the near future!. We upgraded from 8.96 to 8.97 and are using XML Publisher Phase 2.

However, In doing a self-study I was able to run a sample of a JDE Report using the XML Publisher Process - which beautified the JDE report layout and sent it to my inbox. That looked really nice!

I believe we should use the Word Plug-in to create/modify the report layouts via MS Word and also know some bit of XML programming. I have been provided links to documentation for the same by Oracle - Let me know if you need them too.

Having worked with Optio and JDE myself - I am curious to learn how the bursting bit would work in XML and JDE. And am yet to find out how much of programming that would involve.

Will update you as I go on.



I've just started to take this on, boy is this the deep end or what ???

If there is someone out there with a bit of XML knowledge who could answer the following, I would be very grateful.

1) It appears that when my xml is generated, fields that do not have a value are just not included in the xml. e.g. the constant for Email address is included but since the value is blank, this is not included in the XML. Is there an obvious solution to this apart from making sure this field is filled (there are a number of other fields like this) ?

2) On an Invoice I have the usual heading in the PDF which says Invoice, Credit Note, Reprint etc. Is it possible to create a form field outside of the XML values to basically then have an if statement depending on Total Order amount etc ?

3) Translations. Do you have to link it to the template ? P95600 ?