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XML input to Optio and JDEdwards OSA


After running the JDE UBE I want to see the XML output. This XML output from UBE will be the XML input to Optio Design studio.
Any one have experience with JDEdwards OSA and Optio.


BA Optio

You can use the OSA xml, but it is really messy - it uses JDE tag names for node names and is relatively unstructured.
We have been using a third party converter that can either take tagged pdf converting to xml, or now also OSA xml, and structures it to become much more Optio_designer friendly
If you want to enquire it is sold by the writers CW Consultants in belgium - web page We have used this company for years and they are a long time Optio reseller and partner. We estimate this product saves us up to 60% development time per document!