XE Who's who (phone) search

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XE Who\'s who (phone) search

An XE site wants to be able to key a PHONE# (or leading characters of
a phone#) and bring up matching Who's Who records.

The specs suggest using the P01800 (Addr Book Name Search) via a
form interconnect and forcing the phone# (or leading digits) into the QBE.
However, this app is NOT based on a bsvw that has the phones available
to it and that prevents the QBE.

I also looked at P0111S (Who's Who Search Select), this does not
have phone#s available to it.

There IS a bsvw (V0111C) which is made up of F0111 and F0115,
but I can't seem to find a Search/Select based on this.

IS there an existing JDE Search/Select, or bsfn that allows for a
PHONE SEARCH, or do I need to code custom to create this


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RE: XE Who\'s who (phone) search

Geez... how sad if this isn't an "easy and functional piece" of OW. Sorry
to get off the topic but this is a piece of cake in WorldSoftware. Name
Search, F16 for Query search and you can do any piece of the phone # you
want. I looked at OW Name Search and although you can display the phone #,
you can't QBE on it. Thanks for pointing out for future reference.

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