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Dear List;

I am attempting to use the Visual Compare tool in Xe to look at a report. I
start the tool and in the lower left get messages that it is retrieving
specs, retrieving local specs, comparing, then ready. Then the viewer
closes without indicating any error in the logs.
I can view Apps and Tables. Only reports seem to fail.
Any one have any ideas?

Tom Mitchell
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I recently have seen this, also. I was able to open the reports by opening
Report Design Tool (from OW Menu).

Once I opened RDA, I was able to open the UBE Object.

After I had the object opened, I found that a recent ESU had jumbled a few
BSFNs... as a result, trying to open RDA from OMW would not work...

By doing an ER Validation (Report/Event Rule Operations/Validation) I found
that there where BSFNs that were 'anything but working." I was able to
Print To File all of the ER - which allowed me to look at what the BSFN was
'supposed to do."

Let us know, via the list, if this is any help.

Daniel Bohner
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JDE - XE & AS/400
JDE - B7331 & MS SQL 7x


This happened randomly to us, some objects would Compare, some would die out
after it got the local specs. I have had success with Vis ER Compare after
I applied 15.1 to the workstation that I was performing the Compare on. Now
the Compare doesn't die.


SAR 4929941 was created for this problem. We had the problem after SP 14.2 and it was fixed when we took SP 15.1. It was only a problem with UBEs, but still worked fine with interactive applications.