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This is a peculiar issue and I wondered if anyone out there has experienced
it. Our system is basically stable, and we have not had any real issues with
it other than this one which came up in the last month or two.
The issue is that when users run certain reports, one of which is R12301,
other jobs error out, and often the security server will also hang for
awhile (user's receive the unable to find security server). In SAW, I don't
see any outstanding requests, and the processing time is low. The issue goes
away when either the job completes, or I go in and just kill a few of the
security kernal processes, in which a new process starts and everything is
I have turned on SQL profiler, so I am watching that. I still cannot turn
logs on the server due to the performance hit and being at the end of a
quarter close. I have not deployed any service packs, etc, and no builds
have occurred than a few reports which were not related to the ones which
cause the issue. Any ideas?

Xe, SP14.2, NT, SQL7, WTS/Metaframe 1.8

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