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Hey List,
I've recently upgraded to Xe and am doing some testing in my PY7333
environment and have noticed that whenever I do a find in any application it
is taking a lot of time to pull up the records. It was never this slow in
my old release. Any ideas or help is appreciated.

Justin Walker
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The debug log makes a major difference in performance. We keep it turned off until needed.

Xe - yea!
Windows NT
Oracle 8.0.1
Definately Keep the debug logs off. Huge performance hit if it is not. Almost all of our desktop units have 196 MB of RAM or more, plus the Pagesys file should be set to 2.5 X the amount of physical memory. Make sure that the pagesys file is kept on the same drive mapping, that is unless you have 2 or more physical drives. Also you should be at SP6A for NT, MDAC 2.6, and running client access express with the Service Pack(important). Another big one in Client Access express is to ensure that you set the IP address lookup frequency to After Startup, and set the "Where to look for remote port" to Standard. This is found in the OPerations Navigator, right click on the AS400 name, choose properties, and go to the connections tab. This should be set on each machine. Also, you should set the AS400 Nic to 100MB Full Duplex, and make sure you configure the Port on the switch to be the same. Auto Negotiate is unfortunately not very good, and generally causes problems if one machine is AUto, and the PORT is set to 100 Full. You may want to configure your OneWOlrd power users to be the same. I would also configure all your servers to be 100MB full, as well as the PORTS. All of this will help your general network performance as well as OneWorld. I would look on the knoweledge garden for more information. Also, I believe that the recommendation for AS400s is to have at least 1 GB of memory per processor.

Kevin Benjamin

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Hi Justin

You certainly need to check to make sure that all of the indexes are built. My guess is that something is missing index wise. If you cannot "capture" the bad SQL and check to see if the index exists - then my recommendation is for you to work out precisely which table is OneWorld scanning - then go into the toolset and click "generate indexes" for that table.

It may take several hours for some of the extremely large tables - and you may not hit the right table immediately !

Good Luck !


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