Xe OneWorldExplorer to 812 SolutionExplorer


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We Ran the R9000C and the files F9000 and F9001 have what it needs to have , i think.

Solution Explorer in 8.12 doesnot show same as the OneWorld explorer did in Xe.

So,I added a task onto our Custom Menu in the Soln Task Explorer on the FatClient - but for some reason it doesnot show the menus (child) below it.

I was told by oracle that the Solution Explorer on the Fat wud show a different task view but however i shud be able to see the hierarchy etc. in the web client.

but i don't - does anyone know if we are missing something.

pls help!



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There is a check box on the Task View for "Secured task View" If this is checked and your configuration is set to not show secured task views it will not appear on the HTML client. Uncheck the box and it becomes visable. Also check the menu filtering to make sure the children are not disabled - this is done by Role.