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We are getting ready to make the big jump to Xe and I was hoping to take the
CNC net change as well as have our module leads attend the Financials net
change class. However, the JDE training site, has no Xe net change classes
scheduled in the U.S. Additionally, the few net change sessions available
on the web are not scheduled either.

Is there information available anywhere (besides the technical net change
document) from those classes/sessions? I'm looking for presentation
handouts, etc.

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Mike Dupaix

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The KG has PDF documents that can be downloaded. Look under services/publications and search on XE. There is a book for financials, another for distribution and a third for manufacturing.

What training site are you looking to attend? Because of your release level (B732) you may need a custom class that would combine the net change information from B732 to B733 and then add XE.

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The JDE Chicago training center offers a really good class, but it's provided
through their GATS (Global Advanced Technologies) group. Not through their normal
training group. I took it last month and got a lot out of it. The class was called
'OneWorld Xe Change Management with Object Management Workbench.'

Like you, I was VERY disappointed with the offerings for net change on the technical
side. When I called the training center about it, they told me to make a request
via their web site and, if they had enough requests, they would schedule a class.
You can see how far that got me, as I took the class in Chicago....

They tell me you can access the info via Training Central on the JDE web page now.
If not, you can call GATS at 630-395-7465.

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