XE Media Object Validation?


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Looking for a means to validate Media Object Attachments in XE. Over the years, the Media Object Location has changed several times... for example: \\FileServer1, \\FS01 ... \\NAS01.... During those transitions - the XE.F00165.BLOB containing the attachments was not updated. The actual attachment may have been moved to the latest location - but there is no Row in the F00165 that will actually point to it.

So - two things...
- Can anyone think of a means to do a Mass Validation through the F00165 that will validate if the expected Media Object Exists?
- Can anyone think of a means to do an Update to the F00165.BLOB, providing the current location of expected Media Object (if it is found in new location)?

I know - painful. That's why I'm reaching out to see if someone has a suggestion I hadn't considered... yet.

So, someone correct me from my madness - before I go down the wrong path....

  1. XE's Blob (not really a blob) contains the name of the .stg file (if there is one) in an "OLE-xxxxxxxxx.stg" format.
  2. If I used a custom "Find the Location of a String in a String" function, I could locate the "OLE-", then substring the name of the .stg file
  3. Once I have the file name, I could use the B0500180 (Operating System File Operations Delete, Rename, File Exists) to see if the .stg file really exists
  4. I then, could insert a Pass/Fail into a Custom Table - identifying if the .stg was found or failed.


Please Advise if you see logical error!