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Currently we are a co-existent One World environment running B7332 with an
AS/400 as an enterprise environment. My question is does anybody know how much
additional space needed on the AS/400 for the upgrade to XE. I realize a JDE
ptf is required for the World side. However, as many AS/400 shops are, we are
tight on disk usage. In this case for both our test and prod systems. I will
be calling JDE, but I also wanted your perspective. Any info provided would be
greatly appreciated......................................Thanks.



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There are a couple of ways to upgrade - (no, not the "right" or "wrong" ways) - either a data-conversion, a full object and data-conversion - and an anchor method.

Firstly, ignore the data. That makes it a lot easier to work out the space. Secondly work out how many pathcodes you wish to upgrade. More than likely the number will be "one" or "two". If your in double digits - I'm sure Emc would love a phone call....!

Thirdly - check out the space requirements in the Xe upgrade guide. Can't think off hand what chapter - but its there, and it tells you how much is required for the objects on the deployment server and enterprise server. Fourthly - add to these the number of packages you expect to create (on the Server and deployment server of course). I worked out that I needed to create 2-3 workstation packages and 1 Server package before I really got it right - per pathcode. For 2 pathcodes - each package is about 2Gb. Thats 6-8 x 2Gb for packages alone (they really mount up).

As far as the data is concerned - well, it is up to you. It is unlikely that you will immediately upgrade your entire Production Data - but instead will migrate some test data to play around a bit. This also depends, of course, on where you are currently in your implementation process. It is possible, with a LOT of analysis - to create a "1 minute" upgrade procedure against production data - ie downtime for users for just a switch. I alude but do not tell....

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