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WTS 2K XE SP 14.2 AS/400 Regional Keyboard Setting - Published Ap


I need to have every profile contain 2 keyboard Mappings (US and China) on
our WTS running Windows 2K Advanced Server for JDE OW when JDE is the only
published application. Normally, you can go into Settings, Control Panel,
Regional Settings, Input Locales, Add, then enter Input Locale (China PRC)
and keyboard input (Quan-Ping).

With published application, the user's don't a have access to the desktop so
can't get to control panel. So we would like to have script or be able to
modify the default profile to contain both keyboard mappings (US and China).

The neat thing is that it works very well when setup on WTS logging
dirrectly in via terminal server and setting up profile. All you have to do
is select left-alt and Shift keys and the keyboards swich on the fly within
OW XE if setting is made in profile. I just don't want to manually edit
every single user profile. Most users require the ability to switch between
keyboards on the fly. There must be a very easy way to set this up so all
user profiles when a user first logs in, gets two keyboard settings instead
of just the US.

Any clues or insight is appreciated.

Doug Adamson
Tricon Restaurants Int'l
WK 972-338-7147
FX 972-338-6959

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