WS-Security Header Information for Consumer BSSV (JAX-RPC)


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We are developing a consumer BSSV in JDev 11g that is to be deployed in our WebLogic 10.3.5 server. The BSSV would be called to verify credit card information from third party using SSL communication.
Our issue is that the BSSV is returning "Security Data : No WS-Security Header" error each time we execute the BSSV service. We have all the certificates, key stores/ trust store in place. But we are not sure how to incorporate WS-Security data to the XML payload that travels to the 3rd party credit card server. We are not even sure if this is a development issue or a deployment issue that needs to be tackled.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

For SoapUI, there is a provision of entering WS_security information separately. its website has all the documents. But even if I do that; it wouldn't work. this is because my 3rd party service accepts requests from trusted source (where I have proper SSL certificate; like my server). but for my fat client, I don't have SSL cert - I have only demo keystore and trust store.
Hello Ron

We have developed a consumer BSSV to invoke PaymenTech (Chase) to do credit card transactions with JDeveloper 11g. When we upgraded our EOne to E9.1 from E8.12, we also upgraded JDeveloper to 11g from 10g. when we were on EOne 8.12, we used JAX-PRC format to invoke PaymenTech methods. Then we re-wrote the BSSV with JAX-WS proxy format. It has been more than a year since I rewrote the BSSV, but I remember I got similar error messages when I was rewriting the BSSV.

I remember that Oracle support was telling me to look at JRH90I34 as an example to develop a consumer BSSV. If you look at JRH90I34, you will notice "soaphandler" folder. I added the folder to my project and the BSSV started working for us. Again, we have JAX-WS proxy format. We do not have JAX-RPC proxy format.

Also you might want to check the Softcoding record to see all the information is correct. For example, we have user ID and password for PaymenTech in the Softcoding.

Hope that this will help you.

Hi 8152 - thanks for your help. We had to redo the JAX-RPC code to include WSSE header info; just like RI Address Book BSSV code. We achieved a successful integration last month!