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Would you pay for it ?


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Hi ya all,

I friend asked me an odd ball question so I thought I'd post it here too...




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Errm Shaun,

I hear what your saying !

However, Im not sure how the market works where ur from but in the UK ALL the agencies take a %ge of the client rate as their profit .... so in effect the contractor is already paying for it
.... but over the length of the contract.

The point I was trying to ellude to was a single UPFRONT payment rather than continually pay the agent.




In the end that may be the same thing.

As long as they get their money upon you being hired, all is well!


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Hi Peter

From past experience, I for one would be all for a single up front payment to the agent...

My original contract through an agent for my current client was for 6 months. The agent creamed off his 10%. The contract has lasted over 6 years.

I believe that the Agent would have factored in his profits for the 6 months. Any additional time was a 'bonus' for him....!!!

After 3 years I eventually managed to negotiate a buy out and work for the company directly. The cost of this was a payment from me to the agent of 6 month's commission.

Depending on what the up front 'fee' is it is obviously more cost effective for the contractor if the contract is extended.

Another form of commission I have come accross is a reducing commission over time..... e.g. first year 10% 2nd year 5% 3rd and subsequent years 2%.... This I believe is more equitable, because the Agent does incur costs which deminish over time.

I look forward to seeing the final results of you survey....