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Thursday night we had two hard drives crash on the AS/400 (Enterprise Server). We had to do a full restore and pull from backups - Problem is on Wed night, they held backups do to a package build and Thursday night it did not complete. So we have lost two days of work. To make matters worse we already completed cost role up and was suppose to start integrated CRP today.

Guess It could of been worse, We could have been live.

Our custom mods that we developed on Wednesday and Thursday have been lost, even though they were checked in to the deployment server..
Why did this happen, our deployment server is a NT machine and we shouldn't have lost anything??

Please help. XE, SP15_CACHE, AS/400, NT



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What you have lost is not the Mods but the Object Librarian records which Reference them.

The simplest way to get them back is the recreate the OL records for the Objects in Question, I am not sure about the best approach to do this, you might do best contacting JDE. If it were Oracle, I could just SQL the records in.

Also when you have the OL right, you should be able to checkout the Objects to check them over.

You then need to redeploy them to the Enterprise.

OW733.3 Xe SP 14.2
Enterprise Server - Intel NT + Oracle 8.0.6
Client - Citrix TSE + 4 NT PC's for development


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Thanks for the information, I understand what you are saying and that makes sense.

Do you know the name of the file to reference - should be the same on Oracle as DB2



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It depends on where you have object librarian located. The OL is the
keeper of the objects, so if that tables was lost, there is a disconnect
between what the system believes is out there, and what actually is. The
mods should be fine, the records just have to be recreated in the OL to
point to those new objects.


Xe, SP14.2, NT, SQL 7, WTS/Metaframe 1.8


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Checking in to the Deployment Server does not mean that the objects are
stored there! Most of the components are stored in "Central Object Path
Codes" which are in database (spec files). So you cannot restore
anything from the deployment server. The only chance you have is
restoring the object from the client where you developed it (if you
hadn't re-installed it after the crash).
This goes as follows: If you created new objects and the OL records are
lost you have to recreate them (for example writing directly to F9860).
Adding the objects on the same machine should work and so your objects
would appear in check out status (both B733.1 and Xe). If you modified
existing objects you have to do a fake-checkout to bring it back: in
B733.1-2. you have to write a line on OL Detail that looks like a check
out, OK it the re-open and design. On Xe you have to write somehow into
OMW project objects (F98222) but I haven't tried it yet.
But the most important: Do Not Check-Out! It would overwrite your
earlier modifications.
Good Luck!
Gergely Pongrácz
Synergon, Hungary