World Writer Conversion to Source and Dream Writer


I would like to know if anyone has downloaded the "World Writer Conversion
to Source and Dream Writer" documentation and code from the JDElist web site
and did you have any success in installing and running it???
Cheryl Ballou
AS400 Application Development
JDE A73.11


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It will convert any World Writer to RPG/CL/Dreamwriter. It gives you what I would call Starter source. It won't do it all,but it gives you a big jump start.




Have you actually run the code yourself?? I have downloaded, installed and
tried running it. I have spent several hours debugging it, finally got it to
compile the work file it created, still haven't figured out how to fix the
problem it has compiling the print file. Ended up compiling the report
source outside of the application. The concept is great but now that I've
worked my way thru most of the code trying to get it to work, I'm wondering
why anyone would bother. I'm interested in talking to someone who actually
uses this.


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I can do you one better. I am trying to get ahold of the person who wrote it. When I do, I will have him email you directly.



Isn't it easier to use the Program generator? It only takes an hour or so to
generate a simple report after you have designed the Print File, with soft
coded data sequencing, subtotals, subheadings, etc, and any mods then made
to pull in allied data (descriptions,etc) 'by hand'. The J98MODEL source can
be used to generate the relevant CL. It's not a brilliant tool, but
excellent for this sort of usage.

Ron Tuohy
RJT Information Systems Ltd