World to E1 migration - need to update forms?



I have a question that I'm hoping someone can answer. I did speak to someone at Bottomline but they seem to contradict themselves while I'm talking to them.

We'll be migrating from JDE World to E1 soon. We're currently using CF7 with World. Initially, Bottomline support told me that our forms would not need to be re-created. But we would need to update our datamaps. This seemed logical to me. However, later in the conversation, the support person said that I understood them incorrectly and that the forms themselves, with the datamap, would all need to be re-created before they could be used with E1.

Can someone who has gone through a similar process or with knowledge of this process shed some light on this for me?

Thank you in advance.


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Yes you will need to update ALL of your CformDesigner projects. Same applies to Cdirector/Ctransform projects. JDE World produces text spool files but JDE E1 produces PDF files. I think you will be able to copy/paste the majority of the .cfp6 project configuration over from the existing project to the new project. I don't know of any "migration" tool in Cform to convert text based projects to the JDE PDF format for the project.