World Security


I need to know where I can get in-depth info on World security for User Level Security, Business Unit Security, Group level security. Things of that nature. Does anyone have any suggestions? I already have the ino that come in the Technical Foundation books. I need something in greater detail.

Probably here:

JD Edwards World Software: An Administrator's Guide - $45.00

To Order or to view a sample chapter:

Real-World Advice for Customizing, Administering, and Troubleshooting

If you or your company rely on WorldSoftware to handle critical business
functions, then you know that managing and operating the system is a complex
task. Fully endorsed by J.D. Edwards and written by leading WorldSoftware
experts, this guide offers extensive coverage of how to run WorldSoftware,
from administration to troubleshooting. This one-of-a-kind book explains the
intricacies and extendability of the WorldSoftware system and outlines
strategies for migration through coexistence to OneWorld, J.D. Edwards'
next-generation enterprise system. All topics and procedures discussed in
this book include crystal-clear, step-by-step instructions with actual
WorldSoftware screens.

Learn to:

Manage day-to-day administration including system backup, report generation,
and security

Implement and customize WorldSoftware to meet evolving business needs

Understand and work with the data dictionary, vocabulary overrides, menus,
and DREAM Writer

Optimize WorldSoftware on the AS/400 using recommended troubleshooting tools
and techniques

Interface third party applications with WorldSoftware using Z-Processors

Use RPG to seamlessly integrate custom applications into WorldSoftware

Customize and expand WorldSoftware help systems for better end-user support

Evaluate when and how to migrate to OneWorld by way of coexistence

Kenny, I use the 3rd party book J.D. Edwards WorldSoftware An
Administrator's Guide, it has a decent chapter on security among other
things... s.e.t.