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Is anyone running World and ceased paying maintenance? What ramifications have you felt from JDE? What ramifications have you felt internally at your shop since you have to be self-sufficient in answering your own questions now? What do you do when you need a new software key each time? Does JDE continue to supply the key? What do you do when you need to add to the number of users that your software is configured for?

Any advice is welcomed.
yes we did this. I.e. stopped maintenance in 1997. In 1999 we were in
trouble as we were in A6.2 version of the software. We had tested every
option we use for Y2k compliance and it worked but JDE said only A73 cum10
was Y2k compliant. So we had to revert back to them. We had to pay
maintenance from the time we stopped. One advantage was that we were moving
from machine based licence to user based licence, we got the same discount
we got in A5.2.

There were no support issues when we were not in maintenance and JDE
provides the key to all its customers even though you are not in
maintenance. I understand you can even get a permanent key in US. We are in
Kuwait. You cannot increase the number of users using the software without
paying the licence. Although there is a work around. JDE does not bother
about the machine number on which the users are using the system. You
could easily swap from one machine to the other.
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At 29-05-01, you wrote:

One thing I remembered from the conference is that they are moving to a 4
tiered support approach of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. In order to
access the Knowledge Garden or download SARs you have to at least be at
Bronze. So there is going to be some impact from dropping maintenance
beyond what has already been discussed.

Douglas Belcher
KV Pharmaceutical Inc.
St. Louis MO
Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my employer

Doug Belcher
St Louis MO
Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my employer
Thank you for your clarifications, it is very important to understand
software licences and supoort.

Emad Banoub
Montgomery Watson
Pasadena, CA
A7.3 cu 12/X3 - Xe SP 13.0

vasu <[email protected]> on 06/19/2001 06:25:25 AM
In reading some of the prior messages to this thread - FYI - A73 cum 10 is
not Y2K compliant. I am upgrading one of our plants in Japan from A73 cum
8 to cum10 and we have to go through the 2 SARs for Y2K readiness 1 SAR for
FASTR and a PE *PTF. They included one of the Y2K SARs in cum 11, but it
is not until cum 12 that A73 is completely Y2K ready.

As for the World license, I asked our rep about that (here in the US) and
he said that you can continue to obtain a key, even if you stop
maintenance. As long as it is for the same machine. They do not have a
permanent key though - that I am aware of.

Just my two cents though,

Kristian Bryant