Workstation Requirements


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Just curious.

I've read the Workstation Requirements and they call for an INTEL 233 or 300
min with 500Mhz recommended.

Has anyone tried to install on a system with any of the AMD chips?
Any success?

Just curious as I stated earlier.



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Wade :

I have had some installations with AMD workstations (on B7321,
B7331 and B7332), and they ran as well (or as bad...) as Intel
workstations do.
I positively know that Deployment Servers don't run on AMD chips
because of some hardware-dependent algorithms for the Installation

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i have tried on my compaq notebook before with RAM 128MB, AMD K62-350Mhz.
Quite ok... both server and demo no problem.
Can anyone confirm that the Intel Celeron processor is acceptable for
Is there anything in writing that defines the exact minimum workstation

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Re: RE: Workstation Requirements


I am running Celeron 500's with 256 RAM with no problems. I even have some running with 128 RAM.

These are all running NT workstation SP6A and a couple are on Win2k.

Check the Knowledge Garden under 'OneWorld Online' for the link to the requirements document.

Hope this helps.



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Re: RE: Workstation Requirements

I've had some fat celeron 233 clients running for a couple of years with 64 meg of memory. obviously, you want more memory and processor speed if possible but for local clients it's not such a critical thing as long as you don't plan on development work on those PCs.


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