Workorder Completions

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If you are not concerned with labor and overhead you can use the
reclassification program, P4116 from menu G4111. Test it out first, but
this program allows you to do things like fill an empty container, change
lot numbers and change from one item to another item. If you have a group
of items, you could develop a kit, then reclassify the kit. I say test it
because as you will see, you can also change costs, locations, expiration
dates and a slew of other things that should be controlled.

Joe Mulrooney


Brian -

You can ship configured product without creating a work order but I don't know
if your product is something that it would make sense to set up in the

If your requirements are simply to get an item shipped and to withdraw the
appropriate components from inventory this would be a way to do it.

Don Herd
JDE Sales Configurator System Process Analyst
and JDE Sales Configurator / Customworks Discussion Group Moderator
e-mail: [email protected]

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Does anyone have an alternative to reporting production without opening a
workorder? (non-repetative environment)