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Our customer is interested in setting up a workgroup server. Our customer is being advised by JDE that they may want one but they have not provided any definite reasons as to why they need one. Has anyone set up a workgroup server and have any advice? If you have/had a workgroup server, what was the objective? How have things run with the workgroup server? Any performance improvements? Thanks in advance for any info.

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You do not want a Workgroup server. I am not sure why JDE is making such a recommendation - there have been nightmare after nightmare implementations with workgroup servers - the costs are astronomical and there are no guarantees of performance improvements. There are certainly times when Workgroup Servers may offer a certain solution (usually for disconnected branches) - but after rescuing customers from so many failed implementations with workgroup servers in the past, I would treat this as one of your highest priorities to investigate.

If JD Edwards continue to recommend this - I would recommend getting JDE to provide a written reason for this action (so you don't have to pay if they need to fix it later on !).

If you centralize your enterprise database and use Citrix/Terminal servers for your production users - then performance will be extremely good for all your users - Workgroup Server solutions used to be for performance issues over Wide Area Networks before Citrix Metaframe. 95% of customers use Citrix across WAN connections now - less than 5% use Workgroup server solutions. There are plenty of whitepapers on the knowledge garden (and previous articles on JDEList) that describe more on this subject.

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