workflow process didnt continue


i created a custom workflow and it is working fine but sometimes it get halted at a some point and didnt continue its tasks, when i kill the workflow kernels and create the same process(with the same entries) every things work fine for another month and the problem shows once more
this problem doesnot relate to the workflow itself ,most properly it is a problem in the workflow engine
kindly note that every day i create 1000 workflow processes
Here is an excerpt that may help....................

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools - Version 8.96 to 8.98 [Release 8.96 to 8.98]
Information in this document applies to any platform.

5 Workflow kernels are using 10-15% CPU each, slowing down processing of other tasks on the Enterprise Server.

Due to a previous workflow issue, there were a lot of expired workflow tasks.

The [WORKFLOW] EscalationFrequency setting in Enterprise Server JDE.INI was set to 300. This setting is in seconds.

Combination of having a lot of expired workflow tasks and an escalation frequency of 300 seconds (5 minutes) caused the increase in activity for the Workflow kernel.

Because there was a lot of work for the workflow kernel, there was an increase in CPU usage for the workflow kernels. With 5 workflow kernels active, each kernel was using 10-15% CPU, resulting in overall high CPU usage, slowing down other processes.

Increase the Enterprise Server JDE.INI [WORKFLOW] EscalationFrequency value from 300 (every 5 minutes) to 3600 (every hour) or higher depending on the number of expired workflow tasks. In another issue scenario it needed to be increased to 7200 (every 2 hours) to resolve the issue.

Reducing the frequency of workflow escalations by increasing the JDE.INI [WORKFLOW] EscalationFrequency value reduces the number of times the CPU usage on the workflow kernel goes up.

Review the distribution lists for the workflow and the escalation hours and minutes set up. You can also use the Process Task Monitor application (P98860) on menu G0231 to check the status of the workflow process. Try to resolve the escalation issues to reduce the workload on the workflow kernel.

The [WORKFLOW] JDE.INI settings are explained in the Knowledge Document below:
NOTE 641133.1 E1: WRKFLW: Workflow Scheduler beginning with tools release 8.94
NOTE:641133.1 - E1: WRKFLW: Workflow Scheduler Beginning with Tools Release 8.94