Work Orders for Scrapping Only


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I am working on a project where we need to use Sales Order and/or Work Orders to automate scrapping of Obsolete Parts. Essentially, the end-users want the system to do as much as possible.

One of the scenarios is to Work Orders be used to scrap the parts if the cost absorption is to be by the Distribution Center.

Knowing next to nothing about Work Orders, I am not even sure if it is even possible since the Distribution Center will not use BOM's or Routings. Essentially, these are Items with a Stocking type of U, or O (sometimes S). We do not want the WO to create a demand and trigger MRP.

I have a feeling it will be setting up a new Work Order Type that has its own rules. I have looked and cannot find anything about setting up new Work Order Types (and yes, I have looked at the Oracle Manual). I am looking for something short and to the point.


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If you're just trying to scrap items from inventory, why not just do a simple inventory issue to the appropriate G/L account? No need for WO's or SO's for that.


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Unfortunately, it is too "manual" for them. They want to emulate a process they use in World over in Europe which uses Sales Orders to scrap and charge back the Marketing Centers for the Scrap when applicable. They say it will be better for tracking. For the other two scenarios, Sales Orders would work.

It is when the Distribution Center is absorbing the cost they want me to explore Work Orders. I think it will be may be more work, but I must research and test it.