Work Order Status Change from Sales Order Detail/Configuration Change


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Environment data:

JDE E1 9.0
Using configurator

I am curious if anyone knows of a way to stop work order status from reverting to a status of 10 when a sales order line item is changed/re-configured? Basically what occurs is an order entry rep here will make custom changes/additions to the generated/configured work order parts lisit and then go to make a subtle change to the sales order (ie: a date change) and the entire configured work order for that line item will revert its status to a status of 10 and then the parts list will generate (take the work order to status 15) and all mods/adds to the parts list will have been blown away. Does anyone know of a way to make it so that date changes, price changes, etc... do not impact the actual work order status/parts list? These types of changes have no impact on the makeup of the final finished good, they are just details.

Any ideas are appreciated.

We use configurator since 2003, started on XE, currently we are in 9.1 with tools and use configurator for almost all our products, so we have large experience with configurator

In order to solve this situations, you have basically 3 options:

1. set cutt off status to the status you have when part list is attached, so when an user changes the SO, it wont affect the WO as has passed cutt off (be aware that until last configurator ESUs, that was not working fully for child WO as the system didn't control his status and allowed changes), also if you insert configurated parts with transaction type 4, PO cutt off status has been introduced in last 15 days as for an SR requirement I made

2. dont change cutt off status, but change Processing options of R31410 to don't generate part list and route if it exists, so if a part list and route is already attached, the system will only update WO costs for the existing part list and route. If you setup like that, for any change that may have a different part list and route, the only way to attach them is or to use a different R31410 version, or to delete part list and route before running R31410 again. We used this with a cutt off status at order hard commit (we developed a custom report for checking what orders should hard commit based on the availability of all components with issue type code <> F)

3. Modify P4210 to make your custom "cutt off" rules for wo, that is what we are using, we don't allow changes at any SO if any of the related WO are between cutt off and cancel status, so the user cant change dates or configuration, only price. If the user needs to change dates, we developed a custom form in P4210 to allow him to change all dates but scheduled picking (that is the WO requested date), and also made a custom modification to P48013 and P31225 to update scheduled picking on SO if the planner changes the requested date in the main WO for the sales order

Option 3 is the more complete, but also is the one needing development, we opted for this as we detected that if you have an SO for a multi level configured item and childs WO have passed cutt of but parent didn't, the system allowed SO changes without any kind of information for the user, and not only that, the system changed configuation of existing childs WO that are already done to reflect the new configuration , so this was a very hard error

I think that now this is best controlled, but not 100%, so make tests to determine the best option for you


I am stuck in a issue where the status of completed work order is changing to 40 when user change the requested date in the related sales order.

Where we can see the settings to enable & disable this status change?

How to prevent this ?