E9.1 Work Order Processing (R31410) - Seeing Commitments, but Not Attaching Parts List


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Sorry for maybe a basic question. I'm the "superuser" trying to run a process I haven't done in years.

I have entered a work order header and have a bill of material. I am running the R31410 program to attach the parts list. The first run, it attached only 4 of the 20 items. However, I could see commitments on Summary Availability for all the items. I tried deleting the parts list and running it again - nothing was attached.

I tried a second work order and could not attach a parts list. AGain, I can see the commitments on Summary Availability, but there isn't a parts list.

I've tried different versions of the R31410 and am having the same difficulty. Is there a setting in the constants somewhere I'm missing?

Also, if I need to do a "negative" work order (meaning I need to take a bundled pack and break it down), will a parts list attach (meaning I need to take apart bundled pack A and deduct it from inventory and put back parts B & C into inventory)?

Thanks in advance.