Work Order Number of Zero


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I just had an interesting time trying to figure out how to fix a Work order that for some reason the Number was Zero.

Of course with the JDE screen the Document number is Zero Suppressed so looking at the screen was almost scary.

Somehow they had completed a QTY but had not backflushed anything so "Backing" out the Work Order was not all that difficult.

My question is-

Now that that Record is in the F4801 file (Zero for the WO number) Will that prevent it from happening again?

I looked at the file and it is Keyed to the Order Number but it is not Unique.

Thanks in advance

Scott Parker
Grote Industries, LLC.
WorldSoftware Version 8.1.2 AS/400 V4R4 (soon to be V4R5)
Another work order of 0 cannot be keyed into the F4801 file as duplicate
numbers can't exist there, but there is little to prevent someone from using
the 0 work order as a valid subledger in other transaction programs. We had
a problem similar to this and I mod'd the P48014 to not accept a zero work
order, and deleted it from the file so it wouldn't be considered a valid
work order by others.