Work Order Completion - Automate Super Backflush P31123


We are in the process of trying to fully automate our current work order completion process. Currently, we use P31123 to do an SBF for the work order. We're also using World version 9.4.

Oracle support has recommended that we use Z-files to automate the process. The Z-file processors can be found on menu G3001Z, options 14 thru 17.

I'm at the point where I can populate the Z-files and process them without any errors being generated. The Z-file records also have their EDSP field values set to 'Y' as an indication that they have been processed. However, while the work order itself is being partially updated, the SBF functions do not appear to be successful since there are no material issues or other updates generated.

Does anyone out there have any experience automating SBF using the Z-files option? If so, I'd appreciate getting your input.