Work Flow Distribution List Grouping Issues

Hello all,

Application Release: E900
Tools Release: 8.98.48
O/S - A/S 400

In fix/inspect form, I am triggering workflow. In workflow, I just called standard approve or reject form using distribution list.

I have created distribution list with two levels of grouping.

I have email attached to the members present in all levels of grouping. When I start the work flow process, email notification is send to only last level email address.

For first level, it is not sending. When I checked debug log, it says that

"(GENTEXT)ResolveSingleDistListMembers - For Dist list(107387,ORG) did not add 22323 to the list of members"

where 107387 is parent AN8

22323 is first level member.

When I check Process Task Monitor, there is an entry for only one level.

When we select approve, the work flow status moves to completed.

If anyone faced this issue, please help me to short out. For your information, I am using fat client to test.