WO Mass Update P48022 program, questions on how to set this up!


I am looking into using the WO Mass update program (P48022) so planners can easily update multiple Work orders dates.
I have been following the Oracle documentation on how to set it up and it all makes sense but I would like to lock down further to which work orders the users can update. I would like to set that they can't update if the Work order(s) are past a specific status.
R48714 Mass update UBE is part of the setup, and I have created a version with data selection to not allow Work orders greater than a status, but the problem is there is no where in the P48022 or P48714 program that allows me to enter the version of R48714 to call?
Am I not going at this correctly? I've been told that I can control which work orders planners can update, but I can't find anywhere else to set this besides the R48714.
Any ideas or help would be appreciated!
Unfortunately, no.

P48714 is Hard Coded to call the XJDE0001 version in both Draft and Final update mode, it just sends in a flat through the report interconnect to denote whether to run in Draft or Final.

I'd recommend opening a SR with Oracle and raising that as an issue, it's just bad form to not have a processing option for this reason. I co-chair the JDE EAM Special Interest Group through Quest, I'll try to bring it up on our monthly calls so that Oracle is aware of it through the EAM SIG as well, they tend to have a strong voice to address issues.

It wouldn't be too hard to have a developer mod this with a processing option if you need something soon, we have had to clone Mass Update to make changes on a couple projects.
Hello, thank you for your response. Sorry I'm a bit delayed but looking back into this and I was trying to get around having to mod this program. I ened up adding data selection to R48714 XJDE version, but the UBE doesn't seem to recognize any data selection added?. Despite having data selection, the job execution detail for the Data selection displays "Job did not have Data Selection Values". Is that another known issue, or am I missing something else for this version setup.