Windows XP and Oracle 8i/9i


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We have been adding Windows XP workstations to our fat client base for over a month now and some glitches are starting to turn up. Specifically we've had problems on "some" of these boxes when they accept an update package. Either the update "froze" while updating the spec files or they errored while registering DLLs. The incidents do not occur with a high degree of frequency but certainly much higher than our NT and 2000 clients.

While researching this issue today I noted the following:
1. J.D.E. has certified Windows XP on the client.
2. J.D.E. does not yet support/certify oracle 9i.
3. Oracle does not certify/support oracle 8i for Windows XP.
4. Oracle only certifies/supports 9i for Windows XP

So is J.D.E.'s certification of XP a qualified one? (even though they don't mention any restrictions)

Do any of you run Oracle 8i with Windows XP fat clients? Any problems encountered?

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