windows 98 vs OW


Hi list

I am having problem with One World running on Windows
98. When I have more that 200 'different documents'
and I try to review it from Invoice Journal Review, my
sytem hangs and I get a funny screen. I tried with a
few PCs running Windows 98 and same thing happens. I
tried with Windows 2000 and it run smoothly. I thought
it was due to lack of memory but I have tried with

Please advise.

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Not much in the way of help I'm afraid but I've seen very similar issues with '95 clients. When tested on NT4 or 2000 machine, everything ran smoothly. I guess you've got your answer - upgrade!


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Take this for what it's worth. .

JDE Corporate Development(the application groups) switched 100% to NT client machines in 1997.

All the client software is now written under NT because its much, much more stable and better at memory management. You'd be well advised to upgrade your operating system.

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