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The other night we swapped out our deployment server (NT4) with a new deployment
server which is at win2k.
We changed the new one to the same name and IP address as the old one.
Everything is working fine except one thing. We cannot do full builds to our
ES. It gets as far as the last PAKTOTAM then hangs. We can do update builds
but not full builds. I have created a call to JDEdwards but they have not been
much help.

Has anyone had any problems with full builds on a win2k machine.

Thank you
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Can you build a Client Full?
Do the update packages you build successfully include any BSFN objects?

You might want to check your Environment Variables on the deployment server for the C++ entries.

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JDE told me (about a year ago) that Win2K and NT4.0 are not intercompatible
as far as JDE goes (in regards to packages). It's and all or nothing thing,
no mixing allowed. I do all of my package builds at my workstation and I
tried to upgrade it to Win2K. I got similiar problems with my package builds
(servers are NT4) but kept getting sharing violations as I recall.
Apparently something to do with Microsoft and Win2K and NT not playing well
together. Not sure if this is a bunch of BS from JDE, but the problems
stopped after I degraded back to NT4.

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