Which left outer join to use?


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Below is a join for my business view

F0901.AID Simple(==) = F0902.AID
F0901.MCU Simple(==) = F0006.MCU

Data selection is below. Only FY is set in the initialize section of the UBE. All others are set when users run the report

F0902.FY = 17
F0902.LT = JA or JU
F0006.MCU = 113246
F0006.PECC != N

I have records in F0901 that DO NOT exist in F0902 yet but I want to include these records in the result.

I tried both SQL 92 and regular left outer join as mentioned in the document (Doc ID 646081.1) but they both do not work.

Do you have any ideas?


JDE 9.1


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How about

F0901.MCU Simple to F0006.MCU
F0901.AID Left Outer to F0902.AID

The query should append OR IS NULL for each inclusion of a F0902 column in the WHERE clause.



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Records that are NOT in the F0902 will also NOT have a FY=17 or an LT=JA,JU...

Edit 1:
...or what Craig said. I think it should work with a normal left outer because, like Craig said, it should append is null to the query. In cases like this I turn on debug log and get the actual SQL that is generated to see what is really happening. I suggest doing that and if the problem is immediately apparent, post the SQL back here.
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